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Cutting edge technology of subconscious reprogramming and the powers of persuasion and influence to get anything you want in your life!

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The key factor to massive wealth and momentum is CONFIDENCE. Learn to program yourself to be confident everyday!

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Will Power Duquette is a Highly sought-after International Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Behavioral Transformation Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and Serial Entrepreneur with over 20 years experience as a Real Estate Investor and Business Consultant.


Your Brain is the largest organ driving your energy, focus and the RESULTS you get in every area of your life. Your career, your finances, your physical health, your relationships – all of them are constantly created and influenced by your mindset. Unfortunately, we become programmed at birth with inadequate ways to approach life… until now.

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Will has coached

Kevin Harrington

Mentored Kevin Harrington in designing and delivering his first product from stage. Sell Out event in NYC!

Ron Legrand

Ran Ron Legrand’s boot camp and doubled sales from any event 2 years prior.

Les Brown

Mentored Les Brown in building and delivering products from stage!

Best selling author

New Rules of the Game

The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their

Top Secrets to winning big in business and life

About Will

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach

Will “Power” Duquette­, an internationally-renown Master Hypnotist and a Master of Powerful Communication and Super Achievement, has been harnessing and tapping into the powers of the human mind since childhood. Duquette not only Trains you in this mastery, he Programs you to help guarantee your Success in ALL Areas, Mind, Body, relationships, and making more money Fast! He Calls This Wealth Attraction Mastery! Most people think they need more “HOW TO” information in order to achieve wealth, but this simple is not true, most people need the proper mind set to achieve their dreams and goals and that is exactly what Will Duquette will show you how to achieve.

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