Will “Power” Duquette

Captivating, Highly Entertaining Motivational & Educational Speaker!

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“I’ve had Will at my events and you need to have him at your event as well! He offers excellent content, he engages the audience, he gets them to be interactive with him, it’s upbeat, high energy. I am going to tell you what guys, he was phenomenal at my event and he will do the same at your event. He is a kick butt closer, a lot of fun, people love him and guys, you are not going to go wrong having Will there!…. I’m picking Will”   ~Coach Pat

“He is a rock star, if you are looking for someone that has high-impact training mixed with some powerful closing,  Will is the Guy!……”He spoke at one of my events and he is definitely a guy I would recommend to come speak on your stage.  Does a great job, he shows up on time, very professional, very easy to work with, and he delivers a very powerful result offering a product that is a perfect edition to everything else because your students need the inner game stuff that Will offers!”  ~Gerald Roger

“He is absolutely amazing, total confidence and you know that is what he teaches…I love the way this guy thinks! You need to mentor with this guy” ~Robert Allen

The Programming Confidence program is not like any real estate related course that I have seen, and I have volumes upon volumes of information.  I knew I needed to transform my real estate business and take things to another level and I gravitated toward this program because of the information about role playing, negotiations, and structuring owner financing deals.  I absorbed the information in the CD recordings in order to grasp techniques when talking to sellers.  The seminar event is very unique because it takes you beyond the how-to’s and guides you into experiencing your inner potential.  I realized it’s not a knowledge issue but a confidence issue.  And this seminar will help you look inside yourself to awaken the giant within YOU!  I now fell more confident when talking to sellers.  Because I brought my spouse with me, I can see where it also helps us in our relationship because we understand each other better and the seminar helped us look at our relationship from a perspective of being 100% responsible.  It is more than a seminar-its an experience that requires interaction in order to fully appreciate all the benefits.  Thanks, Will.  All I can say is ” I needed this!” ~Robert Lam