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Would You Like to Earn an Extra $10-$20K per Month?
Do You Want the Guidance & Safety of a Successful Real Estate Investor to Show You How?

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Start NOW by Learning  Real Estate Investing with the guidance of a
and Master in Communications & Negotiations

Take Control of Your Life & Financial Success through Real Estate Investing.

Discover Real Estate Investing as an Apprentice under the guidance of Will Duquette,
who has over 20 years experience doing millions of dollars in Real Estate deals.


Benefits of the Program

  • You will be Trained by An Experienced and Successful Real Estate Investor with 20 Years Experience

  • Learn and Earn Under his Guidance to Make the Most Profits Safely ($15-$30K per Month)

  • Your Real Estate Deal Profit will be a deal Split
  • Learn the Simplest and Most Effective method of Real Estate Investing that is working Today in our Market!
  • You will not Waste Your Time and Energy Trying to Learn the Hard Way, Alone

Also in the Apprentice Program

  • Over 100 Real Estate Apprentice Recorded Calls with Will Duquette
  • Profits in Pretty House Self Study course with audios and documentation you will need such as purchase and sale, land trust, etc.
  • His FSBO Information sheet which will guide you with confidence through the call with the seller
  • All of the historical calls from the program for more training and reference when you need it
  • Access to Will’s email and cell phone
  • Simplified deal submittal process
  • 1 on 1 Mentoring Session directly with Will Duquette
  • 2 Tickets to the Real Estate Riches Live Training

We are looking for people to Build a Team of Successful, Lifelong Partners!
You are Successful in Real Estate! Be a part of the community leadership team that we are working to build!

You Don’t Need Any Money, License, or Credit at ALL to be a Successful Investor!
Real Estate investing is Fun and Simple when you have a very successful and experienced investor guiding you through only the things you Need to Know to be successful in Real Estate!

Are You…        

  • Motivated and ready to take control of your Life and Your Financial Success?
  • Coach-able and willing to do what it takes to be Successful?


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This is a unique opportunity to learn Real Estate Investing guided by a Pro

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