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Bill has helped me time and time again make money and also make sense out of what is designed to hold me back from making more.  When it comes to creating wealth and identifying the right mindset to gain it, there is only one name in my book…Will Duquette!  Thanks for the millions!

~Victor Bell

The Programming Confidence program is not like any real estate related course that I have seen, and I have volumes upon volumes of information.  I knew I needed to ransform my real estate business and take things to another level and I gravitated toward this program because of the information about role playing, negotiations, and structuring owner financing deals.  I absorbed the information in the CD recordings in order to grasp techniques when talking to sellers.  The seminar event is very unique because it takes you beyond the how-to’s and guides you into experiencing your inner potential.  I realized it’s not a knowledge issue but a confidence issue.  And this seminar will help you look inside yourself to awaken the giant within YOU!  I now fell more confident when talking to sellers.  Because I brought my spouse with me, I can see where it also helps us in our relationship because we understand each other better and the seminar helped us look at our relationship from a perspective of being 100% responsible.  It is more than a seminar-its an experience that requires interaction in order to fully appreciate all the benefits.  Thanks, Will.  All I can say is ” I needed this!”
~Robert Lam

“This is what I have to say about Will’s seminar:
Just making it through the day felt like a full time job in itself.  It was time for a change!  Will put me on a path to getting paid to do a job that I love.  Will showed me  a few things that I needed to do to get started and on my way to success.  This seminar gave me the courage to do what I love.  I cannot believe how exciting it is to wake up every day and do the things that I love the most.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity that will change your life forever.  Imagine getting paid to do something you love.  Create the job, career, and life you’re meant to live!”
~Roxanne Bolivar

“One of our powerful mentors on the journey of Success and Happiness is Will Duquette.  He has the insight to reach deep inside and unleash the winner in all of us.  His vision will help thousands if not millions of people attain financial freedom, health and true wealth.  We are proud to call him mentor but even more so to call him a friend.”

~Romey & Christine

“I wanted to share that I had an amazing weekend at the Programming Confidence Seminar held in Los Angeles. I usually don’t write testimonies or offer my feedback but I had the confidence to share that your training really helped me. I wanted you to know that I had a very empowering experience. You were so amazing because I really felt that you were authentic, passionate speaker and facilitator. You were not holding back when you talked to the class and didn’t hesitate when you were working with a student. I felt that you really cared about the growth of your students in all areas of their lives. What’s so cool was that you offered it in simple, practical, easy to understand solutions and then implement the applications to our lives. 
I got so much out of this weekend. I came away with the confidence to really move forward in my life and have the belief set in place that I really can do it. I am so happy to report that I got what the course was all about.  It was about Programming Confidence in  my interactions with myself and others and that transcends to all areas of my personal and professional life. 
Of course, not only did you offer a wonderful and much need training but you backed it up with an amazing support team – Keith, Adam and Doreen.  They were totally awesome because they were attuned to the class and the students.
I thoroughly enjoyed my amazing experience of learning and personal growth.  I see so much possibility in my life it’s unbelievable and I can see the amazing results of my life now and the future!!  I would highly recommend Will’s class to everyone and anyone that wants to dramatically change their personal and professional life!
Thanks Will and the Programming Confidence Team!”   

~Lillian Pemasa

Hi, my name is Phil Colamarino.  My wife and I have been toying in the real estate investment business since 2003.  However, we lacked the two critical ingredients to make this work, confidence and capital.  Will Duquette gave a one day seminar at our local REA group in the spring of 2007.  Unlike my normal response, which is to procrastinate on any critical decision, I did not even wait until he finished his pitch.  I believed his theory on confidence and MADE myself the first in line to sign up for his July Programming Confidence course.
Since taking this course both my wife and I feel we have made amazing strides in our real estate business.  The deals we have closed since the seminar have netted us more money than we both made the year before while working full time jobs.  Will instilled in us the one ingredient we needed CONFIDENCE.  Until meeting him we were not sure we could do this business.  Now we know we can do it, we have done it.  My wife has quit her job and I will join her at the end of this year.  Will helped us develop the confidence we needed to get that 2ND ingredient capital.  We have settled into the short sale niche and have been able to ask other investors for the financial backing we needed to succeed. 
My advice to you, do not procrastinate.  Find the money. We have made back our investment many times.  YOU WILL TOO!!! 

~Phil Colamarino


Dear Will,
I can’t begin to tell you how this weekend’s seminar blew me away.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Thanks to your coaching, I removed “the wall” and ordered my signs this morning.  This afternoon, I used your teaching to convince a tenant that I’ve had for over a year that I’m merely the property manager for her house.  She had no problem paying her late fees after I explained the arrangement I have with “my investors.”
Sincerely Scott
PS It meant the world to me that you stopped class yesterday for that hug as I was leaving for the airport.  I think so highly of you and am so proud of what you’re doing in the world.  Thanks!

Dear Will,
I justed wanted to again thank you for helping me to change my life.  Because of you, I am embarking on a new life-journey.  I am now living a more powerful life and I will be leaving the automotive industry after 17 years on April 6, 2005.  For that, I will be forever greatful.  I know it may be difficult for you to remember all of the people you have helped to transform their own lives but I will never forget you.  ~ Powerfully yours,  Shawn


Since I attended Programming Confidence, I’ve completed two deals and have more in the pipeline.  My first deal was a pretty house about a mile from me that I got subject to for the loan balance.  After the rehab work and all my expenses, I netted just over 34K.
The second deal I got subject to as well.  It involved a bankruptcy and it’s been a huge learning experience.  I decided to flip this one to another investor rather than do another rehab so we did an agreeement for deed.  When he cashes me out in a few months, my net on this one will be around 17K.
The other deals I’m in right now are different things that aren’t neccesarily “creative”, but a year ago I never would have had the knowledge or courage to say “yes, I’m in.”  For me, that all started at Programming Confidence and more specifically, my one on one coaching session with you early one December morning.  It was you who put the necessary boot in my rear and said, “You know enough.  You can do this, now go do it!!”  And that was all I needed to hear to take the leap of faith.  If things pan out like I think they will this year, I’ll make more than I ever have before.
It all started with you and I want to thank you for giving me the tools to change my life.
~ Sincerely,  Scott 


Hey Will:
Your short conversation with me this weekend was so very incredibly helpful!  I sat there listening to you uncertain how you could be reading me so well, and at the same time not caring about that, because I wanted to hear what you were saying because it was touching me very deeply.
What you said—and that I was able to receive it—has changed me (and my thought patterns) in a HUGE way! 
To your credit, you were well-spoken, direct and insightful–i.e. your message was received with the good intentions I believe you were sending.  I like that you so easily just say whatever it is that you are thinking (we talked about that!) 
The best part is how truly happy, joyful and free I feel (on the inside) for the first time in a very long time!  Thank you! 
The life I live is such that God always sends what I need when I need it most and He sent you (even when you didn’t know who the heck I was!)  LOL  🙂  Thank you Will!  I hope you have an incredible day!  🙂  ~Hugs! Kelly

Hi Will,

This is Ken Packett. I  don’t know if you remember me. I attended your shift event August 2012 with my wife Colleen and it has literally changed both of our lives forever. Colleen is a Licensed Practical Nurse and has been talking about becoming a registered nurse for a long time. After the event, …….. it changedher limiting beliefs that she could go back and finish school. She will be graduating this December and has created a six-figure income for herself. Wow, that is awesome.

I spoke to you after the event and was looking to get started working with the real-estate business but for me, the timing wasn’t right. I still had some issues going onthat I needed to fix. I have been listening to your programming confidence cd’s daily and they have totally transformed my relationships with my family, friends and haveallowed me to get rid of most of the baggage I have been carrying around for 40+ years of my life.

I am still great friends with Cheryl L. and she said she is working with you in a coaching program. She is really excited to be part of that and I see lots of changes in her tosay the least. I’m glad she is working with you.


I remember that you said at the event that you will leave here and the changes will happen slowly and consistently and how true that is. I wake up each day with a renewed spiritand a genuine hunger to get better every day. I have since joined a great network marketing company and things are starting to explode for me. I also watch the movie “The Secret” at least twice aweek. It is amazing how you don’t even realize that all the good and bad in your life is a direct result and how you think and what you believe.


I wanted to share our testimony with you because if I didn’t attend the Shift event, things would be the same and we were really struggling emotionally, financially and now life is so muchmore awesome and powerful.


If we can endorse your program or give some kind of a testimony on your behalf, please let me know.  Hope you have a great weekend.
~Ken Packett

I can’t begin to tell you how this weekend’s seminar blew me away.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I’ve already had a phenomenal day because of what I learned and took action to apply today.  Thanks to your coaching, I removed the wall and ordered my signs this morning.  I used your teaching to convince a tenant that I’ve had for over a year that I’m merely the property manager for her house.  She had no problem paying her late fees after I explained the arrangement I have with my investors.  I am so looking forward to the next few months as I move forward and have you there to coach me.
Sincerely, Scott

Will, Today before the call I was at A presentation and I hit it out of the park! The evaluation committee was not ready for the old ME  The shift made a real difference, That old Submarine Senior Chief came out and I was back!!  Thanks,  Jeff